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Blossom’s Feb 2021 Newsletter

What’s New?

Happy belated New Year!  Most of us were happy to see 2020 go but we did have some really good moments last year.  Tampa Bay sports, in particular, have been a bright spot.

Blossom’s Nov 2020 Newsletter

What’s New?

Oh, just a new name and an updated website. We were going to wait until the first of the year to formally change the name of the shop but we were so excited that we couldn’t wait!
The new name is ‘Happy Flamingo Gift Shop’.  We are still offering the same great products and promise to continue service with a smile, even if it is behind a mask.

Blossom’s Fall Newsletter

Welcome to our first newsletter!  It is called Blossom’s Blog after our store’s flamingo mascot that we nicknamed Blossom.  We plan to send out a news blog quarterly – just often enough to keep you informed but not so often that you know what’s on our weekly grocery list.

50 Ways to Use a Sachet

We have quite an assortment of sachets available online and in our store.  What is a sachet?  These little super stars are air fresheners made of corn cob and fragrance oil and pack quite a punch!  The will last approximately 3 months in a vehicle, 5 months in a ventilated area (living room, etc.), and 9 months in a non-ventilated area (drawer, etc.).

Candles and Fire Safety

There are great songs out there about fire, such as Burning Down The House, The Roof is on Fire, and Fire on the Mountain, but it is certainly nothing to sing about when your home goes up in flames. To keep it from happening to you, please follow the link:

Repurpose & Reuse Our Candle Jars

Be kind to the earth and repurpose/reuse the lovely candle jar after the candle has been used up. Be sure to remove any excess wax from the jar and then wash with a good degreasing detergent and hot water. If it is to be used to hold food items, please run it through the dishwasher prior to use. Some ideas