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Scent NameDescription
Apple Cinnayum:A warm and cozy scent of crisp sweet apples blended with cinnamon and a warm rich vanilla. So yummy that you’ll want to enjoy it year round; yep, it’s that good.
Bahamian Coconut:Close your eyes and breathe in this wonderful tropical fragrance of fresh coconut wafting on a Bahamian sea breeze.
Beach Drive:Inspired by the scenic Beach Drive in St Petersburg, FL; this is a beautifully rich and delicious blend of coconut, ginger, and vanilla.
Berry Sweet:This strawberry and honey fragrance is as sweet and smooth as molasses! A summertime anytime scent that can’t help but bring a smile to your face.
Birthday Cake:This celebration in a jar has a strong butter cream scent and is decorated with a birthday charm. Add some off key singing with a few rounds of pin the tail on the donkey and the recipient of this candle will have a birthday to remember!
Biscotti:The scent of sweet maraschino cherries and toasted almonds liven up this classic Italian cookie fragrance – just heavenly!
Calypso Carnival:An explosion of fragrances; you can almost imagine yourself taking in the color, musical rhythms, and dancing of a Latin fiesta. Feel free to put on a giant headdress and samba your way through your living room!
Carolina Sky:Fresh as a crisp mountain morning as the sun cascades through the pines. Amazing, intoxicating, uncommon, soft and yet strong! It’s a scent that just makes your soul happy.
Chillaxed:To be relaxed and laid back – sound like a dream?  This candle definitely will help; it’s a calming bamboo mixed with emotional cleansing cypress.  You’ll be so laid back that you’re horizontal.
Christmas in Florida:Our signature holiday candle blends holiday flowers, spices, balsam and pine with mandarin oranges. As wonderful as Christmas day spent in the sunshine wearing flip flops.
Crazy Cat Lady:Do any of your friends and family call you that Crazy Cat  Lady? To celebrate all you crazy cat moms, whose babies have fur and purr  we offer a Crazy Cat Lady candle which combines orange, lavender, and patchouli. Absolutely purrrrfect!
Crazy Chicken Lady:Did you start out with one or two chickens and now you have a chicken habit that you just can’t quit? To celebrate all of you whose babies have feathers, we now offer a Crazy Chicken Lady soy candle which is a blend of floral with cedar, fir, and pine. It’s a cockle doodle DO!
Crazy Dog Lady:Do you talk to your dog and swear that they answer back? How about dressing them up in mommy and me outfits? To celebrate all you crazy moms of furbabies, we now offer a Crazy Dog Lady soy candle which is a blend of lavender and clementine orange. A soothing scent that may curb the zoomies!
Cucumber Mint:Cool as a cucumber and minty fresh. This candle has the aroma of freshly sliced cucumber and spearmint combined to create a crisp and clean scent that is refreshing, relaxing, and rejuvenating.
Daydreams:Any day is a beautiful day for a daydream especially if it this dreamy, happy aromatic fragrance. The exquisite rich floral contains a garden full of flowers including lavender and jasmine, along with musk, vanilla, and a soft powdery finish. 
Dreamsicle:If you’re crazy about the vanilla ice cream and orange sherbet summertime treat then you’ll love our new Dreamsicle soy candles. The fragrance is sooo yummy!
Falling For Pumpkin:Just like a mouth-watering, freshly baked Thanksgiving pumpkin pie with cinnamon, clove, vanilla, and lemon peel. Note: Does not contain any family drama.
Flamingle:The scents of grapefruit, mango, and coconut are flamingled together to form a distinctly tropical Florida fragrance.
Florida Sunshine:The Florida Sunshine soy candle can best be described as happiness in a jar! A very uplifting combination of juicy Florida sweet oranges and tangerines fused with sweet Georgia peaches. Sure to give you a bright sunshiny day.
Gettin’ Figgy With It:A delicious scent of fig, peach, and cassis fruits that will fill your home with warmth and luscious goodness. So good you may break out in a figgy dance of joy!
Gingerbread Cookie:A nostalgic blend of wonderfully fragrant gingerbread cookies with the flavors of molasses, ground ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and an undertone of rich coffee.
Golden Gardenia:Take one whiff of this fragrance and you’ll be transported to a warm summer day, strolling through a garden of gardenias and sweet honeysuckle; you can almost imagine the butterflies flitting around with the hum of bees dancing amongst the blossoms.
Good Vibes:Feel your mojo is off? Want a beautiful day, where you are surrounded by beautiful people, and you feel beautiful? Then try this tranquil lavender blended with cleansing sage scent that will surely leave you with a happier aura.
Groovy Grove:Webster defines groovy as marvelous, wonderful, and excellent. Yep, that just about sums up this orange, lemon, key lime, grapefruit, and tangerine blend. Energizing and uplifting in a laid-back kind of way.
Happy Farmer:The young strapping farm hand took the farmer’s daughter in his strong embrace and softly whispered into her ear. What is that candle you have burning? It is amazing! Why, it’s a mouth-watering blend of sweet juicy watermelon and tart green apple. You’ll love it too!
Heavenly Romance:Candles are romantic, especially the Heavenly Romance candle (hey, romance is in its name). The scent is wonderful; blending orange and saffron with warm spices. Just add some love songs and enjoy.
Hootenanny:A deep woodsy fragrance containing earthy fir, cedar and moss with spices, fruits and a hint of bergamot and green musk. Like a walk through a magical forest as you encounter woodland creatures, owls, and fairies dancing a jig.
Inhale/Exhale:Feeling run down, stuffy headed or just blah?  Breathe in this eucalyptus and peppermint blend – it will clear the cobwebs and your sinuses! Note: Does NOT cause drowsiness or affect your ability to operate heavy machinery.
Island Delight:Want to go to the islands but can’t get away? Try our new Tropical Vacation fragrance, full of fruity and coconut goodness. Add some reggae tunes and an umbrella drink and you’ll be well on your way to a great staycation; no passport or sunscreen required!
Key Lime Pie:All of the delicious scent of a creamy key lime pie complete with a graham cracker crust but with none of the calories! The wonderful aroma will transport you to Key West as you sit overlooking the water enjoying a mouth-watering slice of key lime pie.
Kickin Back in the Burg:Great combination of grass, orange, and coconut will make you smile and relax – like a warm sunny afternoon in one of St Petersburg’s parks. Anyone up for some Frisbee?
Lemon Bliss:Feeling run down? Well, just take a whiff of this beautiful scent. With a large dose of invigorating lemon to awaken your senses and a bit of sweetness to soften the edges to perk you up. This fresh and energizing scent is pure bliss!
Love:This fragrance will take you back to your first love in your teens.  Holding hands, stealing kisses, and saying “no, you hang up”, over and over and over.  That love may have faded but this soft, floral, and a hint of musk fragrance will keep the memories going.
Lullaby:A soft, and peaceful fragrance as perfect as a lullaby for soothing baby… or parents.
Mer-mazing:This Mer-mazing scent of driftwood, coconut, and ocean sea-breeze is so tranquil and intoxicating.  If you listen closely you’ll hear the mermaid Lorelei calling for her lost love.
Monkey Kisses:You’ll go ape over this wonderfully sweet banana, mango, and warm tropical coconut fragrance. This summertime scent is perfect for summer, winter or anytime you would like to break out into a happy monkey dance!
Moondance:This is a marvelous exotic, sultry combination of patchouli and saffron with a touch of sugared citrus, florals, and spices. It’s a fantabulous scent that you’ll love to the moon and back.
Nutty Hazel:You’ll go nuts for this mouth-watering hazelnut and chocolate scent. It is such a realistic fragrance that you may have squirrels tap on your windows asking you, “Pardon me, is that hazelnuts that I smell?” Don’t let the squirrels in; you don’t want squirrels in your living room!
Ooh La La!:Cue the accordion music and don your beret. This fragrance is like a fine French perfume – romantic and ravishing!  Florals, fruits, musk, patchouli and spices are just some of the notes in this melodious scent.
Orange Blossom:Imagine driving down a back-road of Florida in early spring. You roll all the windows down in your car to take in the intoxicating scent of the orange blossoms. This scent has a light woodsy and strong floral aroma like an orange grove in bloom.
Parisian Vanilla:As smooth as rich and creamy classic French ice cream. This delicious Parisian vanilla scent is that of caramelized custard with egg yolk and slightly floral – c’est magnifique!
Peace, Love, and Patchouli:It’s like a far-out earthy scent, man. You’ll totally love this harmonious patchouli fragrance. This scent will make your bell-bottomed, love bead soul happy.
Pear Tree:This scent is a delicious blend of pear, apple, peach, melon, and cinnamon.  It’s just like the first day of Christmas!
Peppermint Kiss:Show some love with the best thing next to chocolate! Cool tingly peppermint snuggles up with warm dark chocolate for a delectable treat.
Pineapple of My Eye:This sweet pineapple fragrance will be your favorite summertime – anytime fragrance. One sniff and you’ll be thinking of tropical palms, sunshine, and happiness!
Pirate’s Plunder:Aye, picture ye-self, matey, aboard a mighty schooner on ye high seas adventure. Like pirates of yore ye can obtain the scent of exotic spices with a undertone of tobacco but, alas, ye won’t have to get ye feet wet. Arrrr!
Plumeria in Paradise:An amazing fragrance of sweet blossoms like those used to make Hawaiian leis. Breathe in the scent of intoxicating and wonderful plumerias – Aloooooha!
Pucker Up:Invigorate your senses with a delicious aroma of sweet lemon and tart grapefruit. Very refreshing and uplifting which may make you want to do housework… or not.
Sandy Beach:Just like a day at the beach!  The scent will give you visions of lounging on a tranquil beach on a warm sunny day as the cool tide washes over your toes.
Seaflower:Pick this pretty seaflower fragrance and enjoy the tropical blossoms of hibiscus and awapuhi ginger.  It’s so fresh that you may want to take home a bouquet of them!
Spring Lilac:This is a north meets south scent of enchanting lilacs and fragrant magnolia. It heralds the arrival of spring when the birds and bunnies sing and dance with joy. The fragrance is fresh, clean, sweet and heavenly!
Squeaky Clean:Have company coming over and don’t have time for housework? Light this candles and this clean scent will have your guests swearing that you’ve scrubbed and scoured the whole day. Just make sure to entertain at night, by candlelight, and no one will be the wiser.
St Pete Paradise:Beautiful blend of ocean, citrus, and coconut. Reminiscent of the sun setting over the Gulf as the waves lap at your bare feet. Ahhhh, paradise found!
Sugared Spruce:This must be the perfume of the Sugar Plum Fairy – so sweet but with a wonderful snowy pine scent.  Conjures up visions of sugar cookies by the tree; a magical treat!
Sunshine and Tanlines:Sun’s out and you’re basking in the rays with a lusciously scented suntan lotion by your side. This fragrance is like a day at the beach!
Surfer Dude:Surfs up! The swoon-worthy scent of cool water type cologne combined with coconut that will leave you as totally stoked as a surfer who has spent a day shredding the waves. Cowabunga dude.
Sweet Tater:OOOwee! This sweet, yummy, and decadent scent is mouth-watering goodness. Just like a sweet potato casserole with those toasted little marshmallows on top.
Tiki Hut:Keep calm and pretend you’re at the beach! This wonderful blend of tropical coconut, warm sandalwood, and cool ocean will conjure up visions of the sun, the sand, and the tiki hut by the sea.
Unicorn Farts:If a unicorn passed gas, we imagine this would be the outcome; a sweet fragrance that contains fruit, coconut, and vanilla that somehow smells like a waffle cone!?!
Well Hello Handsome:The name says it all; if a scent could be handsome, then that is how we would describe this one.  A clean and light cologne, swoon-worthy type of fragrance.  Hubba, hubba!
Winter Garden:Enjoy the fresh aroma of Florida’s winter flowers with this blend of chrysanthemum, geranium, rose, orange blossom, with just a touch of vanilla.  Great wintertime/anytime fragrance!
Fragrances are subject to availability and are periodically updated, retired, or newly added. Keep checking back to see our offerings!